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Understanding Responsivity $32.00
Community Corrections Supervision

Understanding Responsivity

Evidenced-based practices (EBP) are currently the most talked about change within community corrections. Of the three core principles of EBP, responsivity is the least understood. This course will explain to you the evidence-based principle of responsivity. Responsivity requires that community corrections professionals consider characteristics specific to the individual under supervision when matching him/her to specific interventions and treatment services. The process of understanding someone’s learning style, motivation, etc. can be difficult, yet when these factors are addressed, outcomes with persons under supervision are more successful. The information in this course will provide you with an overview of evidence-based practice principles, as well as specific responsivity factors, including those within a contact. You will be exposed to a variety of case scenarios to better understand these concepts. The goal of this course is to help community corrections personnel identify “responsivity factors” and learn how to apply them to individuals on their caseload. Drawing upon information from Bonta’s "The Responsivity Principle and Offender Rehabilitation," this course will be helpful for any case bearing community corrections officer at any stage of their career.
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Understanding Responsivity
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