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Overview of the Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence

Overview of the Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence is proudly presented to you by CEQ American Probation and Parole Association. Thank you. We hope that you enjoy your course.

Increasingly, community corrections agencies and professionals are addressing intimate partner violence through enhanced or specialized supervision of intimate partner abusers, which may include intensive supervision practices and specialized conditions, including requirements to attend batterer intervention programs. These efforts have been critical to enhancing the criminal justice response to domestic violence and have demonstrated the critical offender accountability role that community corrections should play in addressing intimate partner violence.

However, probation, parole, and pretrial services professionals can also play an important role in identifying and addressing the needs of victims of intimate partner violence on community supervision. The nature of the work that community corrections officers do and the access they have to the homes and lives of the individuals they supervise, places them in a unique situation to recognize potential unidentified cases of IPV. This course will lay the foundation for addressing this issue by discussing domestic violence victimization among individuals being supervised in the community and its implications for community supervision practice.

Learning Objectives

Specifically, by the conclusion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify coercive tactics that perpetrators use on their victims to establish, demonstrate, and maintain power and control.

  • Describe pathways to the criminal justice system for domestic violence victims.

  • Explain the need for a trauma-informed approach to supervision.

  • Identify the difficult decisions survivors must face in determining if they should stay or leave an abusive partner.

  • Recognize how your assumptions and perceptions of individuals on supervision can impact your understanding of them as a victim.

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Overview of the Dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence
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