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Developing a Tribal Probation Program The Basics

Developing a Tribal Probation Program The Basics is proudly presented to you by CEQ American Probation and Parole Association. Thank you. We hope that you enjoy your course.

Experience has shown that many planners, administration within the justice system and government do not understand, fully, the role of probation and how they function. Often a person is simply hired to fill the position of a probation officer and is expected to fulfill the duties of a probation officer with no resources, no equipment, no training. This course will serve as a guide to avoid this common process and offer information to help develop a professional and functional agency that will truly help the overall justice for the tribal community.

Course objectives:

• Know the history of tribal jurisdiction as it applies to the evolution of probation departments• Identify the role and purpose of a probation department

• Identify the expectancies and outcomes desired by the tribal courts and government in creating a probation department

• Identify what type of probation department is desired

• Identify the staffing that will be needed for maximum potential

• Explore what the facility requirements are for optimal function

• Identify the training needs of new and veteran probation officers

• Learn what equipment and supplies are necessary to operate a department

• Explain what policies and procedures should be in place

• Explore the budgeting for a probation department

• Identify the leadership needed for a probation department

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Developing a Tribal Probation Program The Basics
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