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Reducing Barriers for Offenders Entering the Workforce $27.00
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Reducing Barriers for Offenders Entering the Workforce

The job market is tight in the current economy. Even for individuals with complete educational backgrounds, impeccable skills and qualifications, and no criminal history, it is often tough to secure meaningful, well-paying employment. Toss into the prospective pool someone with no or a low-level educational background, a lack of skills and qualifications, and a criminal record, and the prospect of making it to the top of the applicant pool seems dismal. One of the core requirements for an individual placed on probation or anticipating parole is to seek/obtain employment. Through this course, probation and parole supervision officers will learn the types of obstacles individuals with criminal histories face in entering the job market, how community corrections officers can prepare individuals to become gainfully employed, and ways to promote the hiring of individuals on your caseload in the marketplace. Your knowledge of the material presented in this course will be tested through interactive exercises and case study applications.
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Reducing Barriers for Offenders Entering the Workforce
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