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Cognitive-Based Communication Skills with Individuals on Community Supervision $27.00
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Cognitive-Based Communication Skills with Individuals on Community Supervision

Community supervision officers are tasked with facilitating positive changes in the behavior of people who, for the most part, are reluctant to change their behavior. Many of the individuals on supervision are committing crimes or are involved in antisocial behavior because their criminal or antisocial behavior is justified by their way of thinking. In other words, antisocial thinking leads to antisocial acts. As a supervision officer, you have a responsibility to be effective in your supervision of individuals on your caseload and facilitate positive behavioral change by challenging and helping individuals change the way they think and act. You may refer individuals on your caseload to cognitive-based interventions, which are designed to help them change their thinking and behavioral problems. However, referring individuals on supervision to cognitive behavioral interventions is not enough. You should also use cognitive-based approaches in your everyday communication with the individuals you supervise to increase their immediate responsiveness to your supervision efforts, improve their chance of success on supervision, and reduce their likelihood of committing new crimes. Within cognitive-based offender management approaches is the belief that relationships for the management of behavior and the fostering of change are based on cooperation of people on supervision. This course will provide supervision staff with background information on some of the common thinking errors and how antisocial thinking patterns drive criminal, delinquent, or disruptive behavior. You will also be introduced to four cognitive-based skill strategies that you can use to improve your interpersonal communication with individuals you supervise, leading to more positive outcomes. In addition to presenting information, this course includes interactive exercises and case studies to help reinforce what you learn.
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Cognitive-Based Communication Skills with Individuals on Community Supervision
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