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Strategies for Preventing Juvenile Involvement in Gangs $20.00
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Strategies for Preventing Juvenile Involvement in Gangs

Gang culture has become pervasive in our society and is known to increase the level of delinquency and criminal activity in its members. This increased level of criminal activity brings increased violence and victimization. For many juveniles, gang membership is just part of their life course development, with membership simply a phase of their evolution to adulthood. For others, gang membership is a way of life that they maintain for the rest of their lives. Understanding the factors that lead to gang membership opens up the opportunity to mitigate those factors. This course teaches you the reasons for gang membership and how that membership affects the gang member's participation in delinquent and criminal activity. You will explore the issues of why some juveniles persist while others desist from gang membership. It will provide you insight into preventing gang involvement and an overview of programs designed to reduce membership in gangs. Professionals working in juvenile probation and juvenile detention facilities will learn the correlates of gang membership and strategies to prevent gang membership through the use of instructional material, experiential exercises, vignettes, and interactive content. The information in this course is appropriate for all personnel working with juvenile offenders at all levels.
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Strategies for Preventing Juvenile Involvement in Gangs
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