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Intoxication and Withdrawal for Corrections Officers $19.95
Corrections Healthcare

Intoxication and Withdrawal for Corrections Officers

As a correctional officer, you know that many of the inmates/detainees that you work with on a daily basis have, or have had, substance related disorders. You also know that substance use can compromise the safety of corrections staff, as well as other inmates/detainees. In this course you will learn the basics of symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal of commonly used substances. You will also learn how to recognize when an inmate/detainee is in need of medical attention for substance related issues, as well as many of the negative effects of substance withdrawal. A series of interactive exercises will help you integrate the information that you learn in this course. After completing this course, you should be better equipped to make appropriate decisions for inmates who appear to have substance related difficulties.
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Intoxication and Withdrawal for Corrections Officers
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